The UniSFA clubroom is located in a room in the top corner of CameronHall. It has many Books, a Fridge, Wonkavision, some mangy carpets, some mangier Couches and the UniSFA computer, DeepThought. Adorned over all wall space not taken up by bookshelves or windows are a variety of posters, some loosely related to the club. Some posters have also made their way onto the roof, no mean feat, as have some words that mystify successive years of freshers. Those words are ThreePoundsOfFlax.

There is also the IRC clubroom, #unisfa on

History of the Clubroom

Prior to 1993 the UniSFA clubroom was located in the second last room on the right hand side of the 2nd floor Corridor of the Guild building, in a room previously vacated by UWA's RTR radio station. Adjacent to the UCC who occupied the last room on the right of the corridor. It was jokingly mentioned that the few female UCC/UniSFA members had their own private toilets on the 2nd floor, due to the high proportion of male membership of the UCC, and the fact that the corridor was a dead end prior to the construction of the "New" Guild building (and demolition of the - believed heritage listed - colonial-era milking shed).

The club moved to CameronHall after much discussion by the membership and Committee in early 1993, primarily to continue the long association with the UCC (but why? why?). Rumours have been abounding since 2008 that the Guild will be moving the club to a new location, however, no actual decision has been made yet, which all things considered is exceptionally efficient of the Guild.

The room has been the venue of many fads, including:

At some points, card players have been so prevalent and space consuming that the club rules forced them to play outside the club room in the Corridor.

Rules and Etiquette

UniSFA clubroom etiquette has been over the years a mixture of formal rules and informal customs. The chief rule, UniSFASeatingRules, is that once you leave your chair for any reason, it is fair for someone to claim your seat. They have also changed over time, with ChipTax being a prominent clubroom rule until 2018.

These are collected on the Rules page.

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