The UniSFA mailing list is a venue for the exchange of (sometimes violently disagreeing) opinions, party invites and other announcements. During the leadup before exams enthusiastic study avoidance sometimes results in vigorous flamewars, on topics such as veganism, library books, religion, and what is considered proper use of the Clubroom. However, it seems that in more recent times, such FlameWars are more likely to occur within people's LiveJournals, in even more recent times such FlameWars end up on Facebook where passive aggressive whining has them removed.

In 2014 the Guild-based mailing lists were lost and in the next few years, continually lost and rebuilt, so they were re-established under UCC in 2016

Created by Comrade in 1992.


Using the email address you intend to use to send and receive mail from the list, send a message to:

with a message body of "subscribe", to get on the high-volume and low-volume lists respectively. To unsubscribe, send to the same address, but with the body comprising only of "unsubscribe". If you're having trouble trying to subscribe or unsubscribe, try turning off html-formatted email.

You can also subscribe using the web interface at which additionally provides access to the list archives.

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