Joined in 2008. Sexytary in 2010 & 2011. President in 2012 & 2013.

Is Vagina. Hear him roar.

Also known as fnic and is distinguishable from most UniSFAns by his overly flamboyant hair. Studies Science/Engineering and is scheduled to continue doing so until 2014.

Enjoys pop, dance and musicals so it is therefore recommended not to let him play music in the clubroom. Avoid him around Eurovision season as he gets very fangirly. Overexposure to him has been known to result in liking Eurovision.

Is easily distracted by shiny things. Looks really good in a fairy outfit, legs to make most girls jealous. Can also walk in heels better than most UniSFAn women.

Hoards queer freshers. Disappears into Queer Department at random intervals. Returns with MORE queer freshers.

Has been a puppet of Thatcher ever since he sold the remnants of his ginger soul to the library.

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